Clash of Magic Launcher Apk Download Latest 2020

Clash Of Magic Launcher

Clash Of Magic Launcher is an amazing tool available for Clash Of Clans players to provide them much more enjoyable as they get by playing COC. As Clash Of Magic provides you with unlimited resources, it gives you a unique gaming experience, but to access Clash Of Magic(COM) private servers, you need to download Clash Of Magic Launcher APK file. You can’t get access to the Private Servers if you don’t have this launcher in your device. By the present time, there are four private servers available which can be accessed using this launcher.

Download Clash of Magic Launcher Apk Latest Versions 2020

Download Clash of Magic Launcher Apk

To download Clash Of Magics, you need to open your mobile browser and then simply search and then click on Get Started. It will take you to the download page where you have to select the server(S1 to S4) and Operating System(IOS or Android). Then by selecting the suitable version, click on the Download Now button to start downloading. The launcher APK file will also be downloaded along with this game. After the app is downloaded, open the app and enjoy the same Clash Of Clans experience with a countless number of gems, gold, elixir, and a number of troops and spells.

How to Download Clash Of MAgic Launcher Apk?

For downloading the Clash Of Magic Launcher, you will have to download the Launcher APK file from your internet browser. Its installation requires the activation of “Unknown Resources” from Settings>Applications. This launcher gives you access to all four private servers and also gives you enhanced game graphics. In the older versions of COM, the user had to install the Magic Launcher separately if he wanted to play Clash Of Magic. But, in the latest versions, ‘the launcher downloads automatically’ when you download COM.

Clash Of Magic Launcher Servers

As the launcher lets you access all four private servers, you should be aware of the working of every server to find out the server of your choice. Let’s see what function each server performs.

Clash Of Magic Launcher S1

It is considered being the first server of the game, which comes up with custom mods. It allows you to make an unlimited number of buildings in your village by using unlimited resources.

Clash Of Magic Launcher S2

This server comes with additional features as compared to S1. Besides S1, the S2 server comes up with unlimited elixir and never-ending gold. It also has custom mods.

Clash Of Magic Launcher S3

Unlike S1 and S2, the S3 doesn’t come up with custom mods. This server gives you enhanced gaming performance as compared to Clash Of Clans’ original game.

Clash Of Magic Launcher S4

It is a less modified private server but lets you enjoy spending a lot of elixirs, gold, gems, and dark elixir totally free of cost.

Do I have to root my android device to make use of this server?

Features In Clash Of magic Launcher Apk

  1. Doesn’t require rooting the device.
  2. Unlimited resources and army camp space.
  3. Can be installed on Android 4.0.4
  4. Available for both android and IOS as well.
  5. Free from virus, malware, and threats. 
  6. Reach the maximum level of your favourite troop, hero, or spell within no time.
  7. Gem the army training and attack whenever you want, without being worried about running out of gems or elixir.

Clash Of MAgic

 If you are a lover of Clash Of Clans, then you will love the Clash Of Magic as well. It is a private server that lets you play without having to worry about any resources like gems and gold or elixir, etc. For playing Clash Of Magic, you need to install the Clash Of Magic “Launcher” on your mobile or personal computer.

Final Word About Launcher Apk

Thus, the Clash OF Clans Magic Launcher is an amazing tool that gives you complete access to all private servers and provides you with an enhanced graphics and unique gaming experience. Download the latest versions of COM so you won’t have to download the APK file Launcher separately. Clash On!

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