Clash Of Magic Apk 2021 – Latest Version Download

Clash Of magic provides us private servers to play Clash of Clans on android. On these private servers using unlimited resources and money, we can play Clash of clan unbeatable.

Tight up by playing clash of clans and beaten by enemies again and again, and you have limited resources to train troops and upgrade weapons. Don’t Worry Just Download Clash of magic mod apk 2021 and Play the game without any problem. By using the 2021 latest version, you can upgrade buildings and train, unlimited troops.

What is the clash of magic?

Clash of magic is a private server to play clash of clans. In 2015 these private servers were developed by some third party developers having more features and functions than the original clash of clans.

Clash of magic apk

clash of magic apk download

Download the latest version 14.0.1 now

Clash Of Magic S2

The Clash OfMagic Server S2 was launched with improved speed and more functions as compared to the magic S2 server. It is a more trustable, secure, and update version. Magic S2 allows you to completely max out your troops, heroes, and buildings using unlimited resources. You can reach maximum town hall level with max troops, buildings, and heroes within a few hours. Unlike S1, the magic server S2 apk server doesn’t give you the option to build unlimited buildings. You have limited buildings like the original game but you can take everything to the maximum level within no time.

Clash Of magic S2

clash of magic s2 apk download has a file size of 95MB Approx. It includes both for android and IOsso you will enjoy gameplay on both OS. Just click to the Below Button to download Magic S2 mod apk. It also doesn’t require root but requires Android 4.0.4+. It also requires permissions of your location access, phone status, and also your WIFI connection information. If you are willing to provide all these permissions then, download the latest version of S2 and enjoy playing with maxed out troops, heroes, spells, and buildings.

Clash Of LIght Apk 2021

Take look a Clash of Light Apk. You will like the game.

Clash Of Magic S3

Clash of Magic S3 (The Hall of Magic) doesn’t come up with custom mods as S1 and S2. Indeed it is more powerful than S1 and S2 servers and is also called Power Of Magic. The S3 server gives you unlimited resources like gold, elixir and gems, etc. but it doesn’t allow you to build unlimited buildings and train unlimited troops. You can also mix the powers of two troops and create a new troop which will have the powers of both troops. Though the buildings and number of training troops is limited, you can reach maxed level of any troop or building within minute you have a minimum android version 4.4 and 300MB free space in your device so you can install and run the S3 magic server without rooting your device. The S3 APK file size is about 219MB, which is a lot more than S1 and S2. It has become more popular as it has crossed one million+ downloads. It also needs some permissions like S1 and S2 but you can trust it and allow all permissions which it asks for. Just Click The Below button and get the latest version of Magic S3 apk.

Clash Of Souls Apk

Take look a Clash Of Souls Apk. You will like the game.

Clash Of Magic S4

Clash Of Magic s4 apk is a bit more different from the previous ones because it gives you real Clash Of Clans experience. When you are playing Clash Of magic S4 server, you feel like you are playing COC itself. It is also called The Power Of Magic 2. The S4 server consists of no custom mods and gives you a limited number of troops and buildings as you are given in the original COC game. The main advantage of using S4 server over Clash Of Clans is that in S4, you get the same gaming experience but you have unlimited resources including gold, elixir, dark-elixir and gems.

Download Clash Of Magic S4

The Clash of Magic Server S4 has a file size of about 95MB and requires android 4.4+ without root. Like other servers, S4 server also requires the same permissions which should be allowed to it otherwise, it wouldnot install. So, if you want to enjoy complete Clash Of Clans experience with unlimited resource, Click The Below button to Downloasd magic s4 apk

Clash of Magic s5 download

Another private server of the clash of magic is s5 which gives you unlimited things that players want . it gives your player happiness and enjoys the full time.
you can get many new resources and features in this game easily. you can play as you want. If you want to download a private server then click the link here and enjoy the game.

Clash of Magic s6

Clash of magic s6 is more vulnerable from others
on clash of magic s6 private server player can get more things, many new features are added, and many new resources here.
you can enjoy village buildings or any root with your friends without worrying.
 Many new resources and events are exposed in s6. you can download and enjoy your time with such amazing and full of joy game. Now click on the download without waste your time.

Clash Of Magic Launcher Apk

Take look a Clash Of Magic Launcher Apk. You will like the game.

If you want to just max out your base and to take snapshots of your maced out army, then you can download the S6 server. Otherwise the servers from S1 to S4 provide you a unique experience of the game and are dominant over S5 and S6. In case it you want to try out the S6 server, visit the following site and download it to feel completely maxed out in the game.

sually the first four servers of Clash Of Magic are popular among Clash Of Clans players and over  80% of the players have not heard the names of S5 and S6. The servers from S1 to S4 are very popular and have one million plus downloads. The S5 server also gives you unlimited resources and an unlimited number of troops. The main feature of this server is that you can use troops, heroes, spells and even builders and traps of both villages together while you are attacking.

Why the clash of magic?

Why is clash of magic much better than COC? Why do people download the latest version? Well! COMis a custom High-performance server developed and managed by third-party developers. These servers are custom-built, high performance, have less lag, 24/7 available, and required less operating system requirements.

High-end features of clash of magic apk

features of clash of magic apk

Download the 2021 latest version of Clash of magic apk because it has more features and services than any other COC mod apk. These features make our apk servers more valuable. We listed these features down cells to make sure you read all of these.

App NameClash of Magic APK
Android Required4.1+
APK Size200 MB
Root requiredNo
App TypeGame
Last UpdateWeek Ago

No lag issue

Clash of magic has custom-built servers connected with quality internet connection and devices. So that is why there is no issue of slow gameplay and lag. Players feel comfortable and remain unbeatable in any tough situation.

Timely Update

Clash of clans is regularly updated like they have new buildings and troops, like clash of clans, clash of magic is also regularly updated by developers so you will enjoy new updates in troops and other stuff.

High-Level Security

Clash of magic is a private server, and they keep on checking on every player to maximize security. Clash of clans is a public server, so it’s impossible to check everyone. On private servers, there are few players, so they provide higher security.

Unlimited Resources

The official game is real-time based, so you have to wait for hours to build your clan, resources, and train your troops. Anyone can’t wait for hours and hours to do something. Wasting time ended up deleting the game.

Clash of magic solved the whole problem for you. In the moded version, you get unlimited resources like gems, elixirs, gold, and buildings. Most of the time is wasted in building buildings. In the moded version, you can build buildings almost 0 times. So download the 2021 clash of magic mode apk and start building your clan from scratch within a few seconds and enjoy the gameplay.

Help and Support

The best thing about clash of magic is help and supportive game design, so players understand it and play effectively and stay focused on the game

360 Direction Air Sweeper Attack mode

Air sweeper is a defense tool that strikes from air to air. Clash of magic supports 360-degree air sweeper, so don’t worry about airstrikes and also secure your balloons and troops.


The clash of magic supports both Android and IOs platforms. So no need to worry if you have an android or IoS device. Clash of magic apk is more compatible than other COC. Clash of Clan also have servers ios.

Unlimited Dark Elixir

Elixir is used to upgrade buildings and troops. IN clash of magic You can use Unlimited Elixir to upgrade buildings and class. Because it’s unlimited so you can also train your troops to attack your enemy effectively.

No Ban APK

Your COC account got banned again and again. But clash of magic is a private server developed by third-party developers and has different servers. It’s also anti ban. These features make us different from other COC games. No ban, no headache. Enjoy.

Some FAq’s About Clash Of Magic

Can I run Clash of Clans Account on Clash of magic?

No. You can’t run your original clash of magic because it has a separate private server. That’s why you can’t run old accounts on clash of magic.

Is Clash of Magic free?

Yes, Clash of Magic is free No need to buy germs and other stuff using money.Clash of magic gives us a lot of free gems.

Why Clash of magic stop working on Android update?

It’s an internet issue. Please check your internet connection or change your network. You can also change the Clash of magic host.

If still you face the issue download the application again may your issue is solved.

Is Clash of Magic regularly Updated?

Yes, Clash of magic is regularly updated by third-party developers. You can enjoy all characters that are available in clash of clans. 

How to install Clash of magic Apk

After Downloading The Clash of Magic Apk from the server, find the application from your storage. You can also follow this path to find the apk. Go to > device storage> downloads> Clash of Magic APK.

install Clash of magic Apk guide

During the installation process, you will face an issue, so first enable The Option “Install from Unknown Sources” No need to worry about It’s because Third party developers develop clash of mAgic.

install Clash of magic Apk

When you click that button, The installation process will continue automatically. It will take a few minutes to install The Apk. So wait for a while and then enjoy the game.

install Clash of magic Apk

One Liner About Clash Of Magic Apk 2021

Clash Servers are private developed by third party developers to serve gamers and provide them unlimited resources like gems and elixir etc. without charging any fee. Feel free to download the clash apk and enjoy the gameplay.

If  You are a lover of clash of magic, then You must leave a comment and show some love in the comment section below. If you don’t like this game, they also leave a comment below. Basically, clash Of magic apk is a private server. If you are having an issue related to download the apk or something else, we are here to solve your problems.

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