Clash Of Souls Apk 2020 Download (Latest Version) S1 S2 S3 S4

The latest version of Clash Of Souls is free to download for both android and ios. However, if you want to install this server on your pc, you need to download software like Bluestack etc. which allows your computer to install and run apk files or android applications. You can download the updated app here

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What is Clash Of Souls?

Clash Of Souls is a free Private Server available for Clash Of Clans players to provide them a unique gaming experience. Clash Of Souls is exactly the same as the original game but its main advantage is that it provides unlimited resources and cuts off the building/upgrading time from days and hours to seconds.

App NameClash of Souls APK
Android Required4.1+
APK Size190 MB
Root requiredNO
App typeGame
Last UpdateWeek ago
Download Link

You can download the Clash Of Souls APK file to avoid the limitations of the original game. The server works as a hack where you are given unlimited resources free of cost. You can spend the elixir, gold, gems and dark elixir on any troop, spell or building to reach their maximum level in no time.

Clash Of Souls Features:

The main highlighting features of Clash Of Souls are:

  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlimited troops and buildings
  • Supports all devices
  • No root
  • Fast and Secure
  • Easy Modification

Unlimited Resources:

Unlike Clash Of Clans, you are not bound to use a limited amount of gold, elixir, dark elixir or even gems to train troops or upgrade you village. Each and resource is available 24/7 to be used with no limits.

clash of magic s1 download

Unlimited Troops and Buildings

The original game has a specific number of troops and buildings to be trained and build for a specific town-hall level but, the Clash Of Souls server is way beyond these limits and allows you to train unlimited troops and unlimited buildings within no time (zero seconds).

Supports all devices:

Clash Of Souls is supported by android, ios and even pc but, as I mentioned earlier that you need to download a software like Bluestack so that your computer is able to run the apk files.

No Root

It is a frequently asked question that Do we have to root our device? Well the answer is NO, you don’t have to root your device to install even the latest versions of Clash Of Souls.

Fast and Secure

The developers claim that this server is Fast and Reliable and there would be no compromise regarding the security of the users. These servers are completely satisfying the users since 2014 and no one has faced any issue regarding speed, connection and security.

Easy Modification

Clash Of Souls comes up with an easy custom mods. User can make modifications according to his gameplay. Everyone is given a free-hand to easily modify the server and enjoy Clash using unlimited resources.

Now, lets discuss the working of all fours servers of Clash Of Souls. Read till the end to find the one which suits you. Download link will be attached from where you can download the latest versions of 2020 for free:

Clash Of Souls S1″The Soul Eater”

Server 1 known as The Soul Eater is the most downloaded server of Clash Of Souls. You can find an easy and extra ordinary modifications in this server which are beyond the user’s expectations. You can use the unlimited gold, elixir, gems and dark elixir to build unlimited buildings and train unlimited troops in zero seconds time. You can also create heroes by combining the powers of two or more troops.

Clash Of Souls S1

Download the latest version of most downloaded server here and become one of the million users who are using this server.

Clash of Souls S2

Server 2 named as The Heart of Soul comes up with more custom mods.

It gives you a free hand to create customized heroes and building according to your desires. You can shape the buildings and defences in your own way. However, at some points, you are made limited when it comes to buying items.

Clash of Souls S2

Download S2 server here to enjoy a complete authority over everything

Clash of Souls S3

It is named as The Velocity of Soul. As velocity means speed

It is named as The Velocity of Soul. As velocity means speed so, we can judge by its name that it is the fastest server among all. This server is exactly the same as the Clash Of Clans game and allows no modifications. Only the difference is that you get the resources automatically instead of collecting and farming.

Clash of Souls S3

The new version of S2 server is available here. You can download it for free so you enjoy Clash by experiencing a strong and stable connection.

Clash Of Sols S4 ”The Vengeance of Soul

Server 4 is called The Vengeance of Soul. It is dominant over the other three servers in terms of custom modifications. The unlimited resources allow you to create a variety of modified heroes and buildings. By using this powerful server, you can easily combine the powers of different heroes and troops to create a new powerful hero with advanced characteristics.

Download Clash Of souls S4

Download the S4 server now and create heroes and buildings of your imagination.

How to Install Clash of Souls Application?

It’svery simple to install App in andriod and in ios mobile. Jus follow 4 steps step by step.

  1. Open Setting and go to unknown source tab and enable the option. If already enabled, then skip.
  2. Now download the private server.
  3. Open the game file and log in to via Google account.
  4. Now enjoy the app.

FAQ’s about Clash Od Souls Apk

How to download Clash Of Souls?

You can download it free of cost from the above links or from any other website.

How to fix Clash Of Souls?

It is frequently updated so, if you find any trouble in running the server, kindly check the updates and update it.

How to install Clash Of Souls server on ios?

The server is available for ios, android and also for pc. You need to allow Unknown Resources in your device, select the operating system and you are good to go.

How to use Clash Of Souls?

It is a free server for Clash Of Clans players. It is exactly the same as the original game. If you want to learn its use, play COC first.

Can we play with other players?

You can only play with others who are using the server as well. There are commands used for attacking, etc. You can’t play with the players of Clash Of Clans though.

Final Thought

Clash Of Souls is the best server among all and has proven its stance since it was launched. It is a light weighted private server which you can easily install on your android, ios or pc. Download any of the server which matches your gaming style. The main advantage of downloading Clash Of Souls is that it is frequently updated from time to time so that its users enjoy the new features with no bugs.

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